Friday, November 12, 2010

Mail Form prophet got it

First I got to Said Is Thanks So much Jim . Now The cards you Gave Me Was so cool . I now Have the Team Set Of 2010 Topps Chrome Thanks To Jim. And Some others Sweet Yanks Cards to add To my PC .

Look For A yellow Bubble Mailer To Be in your Mailbox Ina few Days .

Thanks So much Jim It means a lot to me .


  1. It all good buddy. I have some more cards for you, I will let the cards pile up a bit then send them out to you ... i know how much you love them Yanks (personally, i do not know why! jk). anyways, the next team set I will start for you is from 2010 Bowman Chrome.

    side note - if you get a box or a pack of 2010 Bowman Chrome (hobby or retail)and you pull a Tommy Pham (#BCP149), please save it and send it to me. Thanks ahead of time.

  2. I will I should Be buying some packs This Weekend

  3. when you get a chance, could you scan that zimmerman relic?